What If?

What if we met at a bar? What if we ended up having sex in a car? What if I decided to love you? What if I gave you the world? What if you looked at me like your Lord. What if I kept fighting? What if I gave you my all? What if you decided I was your first call. What if you kept fighting? What if you dedicated your life to me? What if I asked for your key? What if I wanted to hold your hand? What if you wanted to walk in the sand? What if this was true love? What if we shared one glove? What if it was this easy?

What if we decided to become one? What if life decided to be redone. What if we never met? What if instead that night I went home to my pet? What if you met someone else that night? What if y’all wasn’t as tight? What if I felt like something was missing? What if I put my thoughts into my work? What if you became a jerk? What if I cried at night? What if you was looking for the light? What if you felt like something was missing? What if you went to the store? What if I walked through the door? What if we locked eyes? What if our hearts trembled? What if life started to resemble? What if I said hello? What if you started to glow?

What if it was like deja vu? What if we connected like glue? What if life was playing a game? What if we won, and you soon took, my last name?

What if…

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